Save the special moments of your hobbies with this free journal.

This free journal app allows you to save your thoughts about your hobbies and areas of interest with a theme for each one.
There are 35 prepared formats specifically for each subject, allowing you to continue writing freely and easily without having to worry about the technical details.
Lifestyle format can now be customized.


Sep 04,2017 - Styary version 1.11 has released. You can now search diary.

Jul 31,2017 - Styary version 1.10 has released. You can easily switch the calendar with Date Picker.

Mar 22,2017 - Styary version 1.9 has released. You can change the order of the diaries.

Feb 20,2017 - Styary version 1.8 has released. It is now possible to display the diary value entered in the calendar.


By using Styary you can keep your own, original journal of the things that interest you.

Supports 35 different lifestyles.

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As you record detailed experiences about your interests it becomes natural to keep your own lifeblog.

You can use it anytime, anywhere, even offline. You can always record important events before you forget them.


Supports a total of 35 different themes for your diary/journal.

Nails, Wine, Fishing, Ramen noodles, Hot spring, Movie, Bento lunch boxes, Outfits, Prensents, Hiking, Goshuin, Castle, Sake, Soba, Udon, Beer, Party, Work, Retrospective, Seminar, Reading, Stationery, Wlking, Coffee, Camp, Cokking, Curry, Bread, Shopping, Childcare, Flower, Travel, Handicrafts, Coloriage, Preserved flower

Styary Features

Create a journal of your lifestyle or interests!

Perfect formatting for each interest or lifestyle.

Easy to add pictures, maps, weather and more with just a tap on the screen.

Supports 15 themes and 40 stamps.

Change to your favorite journal theme and stamps!

Styary Features

Keep a journal and accumulate stamps.

With calendar stamps you can see dates recorded in your journal at a glance!

Check your journal with a list display that links to the calendar.

You can share your journal with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

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Styary Styary

Recommended for those who want to

  • Delve deep into their hobbies.
  • Keep track of day-to-day happenings.
  • Collect information they are interested in all in one place.
  • Keep a private diary.
  • Gather information and rate it.
Styary Styary

You can use it anytime, anywhere, even offline. You can always record important events before you forget them.

You can feel a sense of achievement as each stamp appears in the calendar for every day you write in your journal.

It’s not just for text. You can easily add multiple types of information such as pictures, maps, weather reports, and your mood for the day.

Your life will be richer and your lifestyle and hobbies will be improved by being able to collect your thoughts for the day and then later reflect back at them.


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